Another Stranger, Sad but it happens too often in life

It's sad you give your all and your left in the dust - Someone you were once so close

with, can become just another stranger - But life goes on Folks, Don't dwell on the past, the World has Billions of people and Chances to Create something New.

True but life goes on and be happy on the thought that you now know who love you for who you are.

This could cause a lot of pain. It is done both ways sometimes it's us who decide to stay away from certain people and sometimes it is the other way around. Relationships have a life beginning and end (some).

it's sad but happen too often in life. People are inpredictable. It's so weird when someone you cherish so much suddenly turns stranger & wanted u dead.

Everything happens for a reason. Very glad those people are gone. The true friends (that you can count on one hand) are all you need.