I will not force myself on anyone, I keep myself to myself

Best quote I have seen in a long time! The most important thing is that you know you are loved and are of great value to God!

I think it's so true if no one wants you in  there life well that's their problem not yours always be yourself never change just to make someone else happy that's a false friendship and you just don't need that in your life always be yourself.

It's sad how much this goes on esp.at gatherings..I can and will love each and everyone from a distance.. It's not the number of friends. It is the quality.  It will thin down as time passes.

I stopped trying to force friendships-relationships with people who didn't want to be in my family's life. It hurts, but it's their loss really. That's very True and it brings tears to my eyes to think about it l have never done anything to deserve it yes so true it took a while for me to learn where l was not wanted but in the end l did learn to stay away from those and not expect anything from them in the way of warmth or kindness That's why l keep myself Silence! No questions  no explanations  required  but I  know me and its  your  loss. Self respect: The greatest thing in the world 
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