Willing to spend time with Happy People

The older I get, the more I realize I don't want to be around drama, conflict or stress. I want a cozy home, good food, and to be surrounded by happy people.

In theory but not always possible to achieve, because we are human and should try to help all people not just the happy ones.
But shouldn't we also be willing to spend time with negative people. Sometimes not all people can be happy. And need someone willing enough to listen to them.

Regrettably the older we grow late enough the wiser we become later in life almost completely ending our stay on earth to meet our MAKER.

God's mercy and love showers more on old people. Be happy and enjoy every moment of life that is. God's mercy on you.

I don't want to be around people living in a positive thinking bubble. It's not realistic. Life is full of problems and if we can't at least listen to someone or offer encouragement then it's pretty sad, The mean unhappy people can cause big problems, though.

Wish you good luck, happiness and peace of mind. Love yourself first before you love someone. You always think of the consequences and your future ahead. Regret is always at the end. Love yourself.

We have limited time having reached this age why waste it on things that upsets us.  Spent our time wisely so that we leave no regrets.
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