When Family Members Stop Talking To Each Other

It's very sad when family members stop speaking to each other. The day will come when you will regret it. That day is called "the funeral"

The truth of the matter is you can only be hurt and mistreated so many times without cracking until that final day comes that you have taken enough and end the abuse, the truth is you mourn them people and then you pick up your self  and move on with a much better life.

Not everyone is good for you including family. You need to protect yourself from toxic people who think because you are family there is no other choice other than put up with it.

I tried repeatedly to have a good, loving relationship with my family. But when you are repeatedly ignored or disrespected,  I think it's time to have enough self respect to walk away for good.

For some of us we don’t have to wait for a funeral to mourn the loss. It is much more painful to live in a world knowing the other person is alive but cannot get beyond hang-ups and accept one another as we are-The thought of a funeral being the only time to mourn is short sighted.
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