The hardest walk you make is alone

The hardest walk you make is alone. But it's the walk that will make you stronger.

I am stronger as a result of walking alone without human interference. Yet, my walk with God always by my side enhances that walk! Some of us are meant to walk alone. How we look at it makes the difference. Being free of strain has made me strong and very independent. Sends motivation to hold the head high.

I am never totally Lord walks with me. I choose to walk alone made me stronger. I have faith in myself ❤️ I never walk alone Jesus is always by my side and I always thank him Amen.

I hear you my friend ❤️ it’s ok to lean on those who love you, it’s ok to just not be strong. I sometimes just give it ALL to Him. Some days there are only one set of footprints. Let Him carry you when you just can’t be strong anymore.Hugs-and much love.

Yup! Never let negative situations bend you, roll with it and get back up! Earlier said than done but you have to want it to believe in working at it...🤔

These are only my feelings, make of them what you will... I prefer to walk with Pride with pride, alone is very limiting no matter how much satisfaction it brings you. No successful person ever became successful in isolation, we’re made to be a part in order to grow and bring others along with us.

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