Absolutely, I don’t ever try to impress anyone else

Do what you know is right... God is the only one to really judge us in the end💞  Live your life in a way that honors the Lord.

In the end, people will judge you anyway, so
don't live your life impressing others - live your life impressing yourself.

It is difficult to do when you are  always reminded how much you did wrong. What they dont understand is that I was not the only one.😔

Where there is true love , there is no room for judgement .

In the End people will judge,this is really missing the point.god is the one judging us,.we use will be same level of judgement.I don't care what other think of me.

Some people are always wanting to judge you and condemn you and they themselves should take a look at what they have done and some people shouldn't talk bad behind your back and then deny it when you heard what they said about you and like they have never done any wrong in their life.
We don’t owe any one anything it starts right from basics. Loving our selves. People that find fault are the ones that don’t love themselves.

I've been judged by some that instead of blaming me they need to dig down deep in their heart and and realize I'm not changing for them I am what I am and because I was friendly to others did not make me a bad person I think if you can help others that's the way I'm as long as they haven't done anything to me i will be friendly. I believe you can be friends with many different people young -old it doesnt matter. Just hope i can be of help in some way

There are a lot of people who don't think they matter because they pay too much attention to what others say and do. Once you are able to come to the realization that you really matter to God, you are more able to feel like you are important to yourself as well. It's a long row to hoe. I know because I'm on that journey.

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