Thank God for the gift of life

Today, I just want to thank God for the gift of life. No requests, no complaints, just thankful to be alive.

Thank you lord always being with all time, in sadness and happiness, i'm not rich but im gratful for what i have now. Thank you Lord for each and every day, for always loving me though I am a sinner, for forgiving my sins, for being with me all the days of my life - through wonderful as well as heartbreaking times, for always being with me and knowing you’re always by my side so that I can fight away loneliness and despair and have you direct my life, for the wonderful and loving family I was born into, loving and caring parents, and the family we raised, & theirs. For never needing anything because you always provide. I bless and glorify your name my dearest, sweetest,  Lord Most High! Amen

Yeah with all the ups and downs.  If there was no light we wouldnt make it! Thank you God for gift of waking up today. Amen

Thank you God for my life with you family friends and my new friends.
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