I'm so fortunate I have the best kids

Proud to have a very kind and loving kids. My only treasure and precious gem in my life. Thank you Lord for this wonderful gift🙏❤️🌹

Seeing your sons and daughters grow up to be nice and humble that's the greatest achievement a parent could have.

I’m proud of all my childrens and their spouses! I am so proud of my children!  They make me feel like i did something right! Happiness is when you realize that your children have turned out to be good people. Thank you God for my wonderful peaceful family!
Kids should say thanks to their mom and dad for always giving them the true and honest reality about one's life.

My kids make me happy by being themselves regardless. 🥰 I am so blessed that God gave me wonderful children. All have accomplished so much over the years each going a different direction but are still connected in a tight family connection. Each are there for the others no matter what. I am so lucky I live so close to each of them. They are also there for whatever I may need. Could not ask for more loving kids. They are my rock. 

I thank God for my children becoming responsible, caring, intelligent, and independent adults.  I love them deeply.

I’m one of the lucky parents whose children are people I would like to know, even if they weren’t mine.  Good men, good sons, good spouses, good fathers, hard workers.  Oh, and quite handsome, too!!
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