Sleeping next to someone who loves YOU

Sleeping next to someone you love makes you fall asleep faster, reduces depression and helps you live longer.

by the way I hate sleeping next to anyone or animal, they sleep, I don't. Snoring, farting, weird mumble/growl noises, heavy breathing,, etc No thanks! Love sleeping on my own 😊😂

Sleeping next to someone I love makes me want to smash him over the head for snoring and constantly moving in bed! That’s why we sleep in separate bedrooms. I get better sleep now!

Unless they start snoring quite loudly and that keeps you awake! Sometimes when my husband snores it sounds like he’s mooing!

First twenty years: share bed.
Next 20 years: separate rooms.
After 40 yrs you should try for seperate houses with  conjugal visits and weekly dates. 😎❤️
(Sounds perfect...more marriages would last if this was law.)