People take advantage of your kindness, Take care of your HEART

Perhaps it appears that way, and I agree. It’s just that the kindest seem to suffer, not deserving the hardship, and we see the contrast more clearly. Unfortunately this is very true but has made me a stronger woman! I think I have a good heart, and, yes, I've been hurt,and unfortunately I have hurt others too!!!! The Savior has a good heart,...and was hurt and true, no matter what i do say or act on, i always get hurt by those i least expect to. And nobody sleeps better than that person with a GOOD HEART ❤So very true .God always seems to bring people into my life that need a lot of help with there Hart. just being true to my self is the best thing for me.

Nobody goes through more crap in life than a person with a good heart. It is unfortunate but the truth😐

Never stop being who you are, it's all in the package call life, you cannot change anyone from their way, in this world they are givers, takers, grateful, ungrateful, and most of all their family trace is baggage of whatever they put out and live with and by. All in the game of life as the road we all travel. So let it be.

I have been hurt so many time I give my all I believe in trust truth faithful and loyalty if you don't get it back move on. Put yourself in others shoes, to feel their suffering, their grief, their sadness as your own, and to make the person see that you’re there for them.  Keep them from falling and if they fall you’re going to help pick them up. Helping someone else should be an  intended for another person, not ourselves.