People forget very quickly what good you have done

Judging and condeming others before you know them isnt my idea of nice, but im afraid it happens. I hear it every day. But i say dont be horrid until you  know that person yourself.. judge for yourself.

Many people magnify small and little mistakes you commit unintentionally but forget the big and small good things you've done for them intentionally.

They’ll always know it and remember all u’ve done and out of shame they can’t and won’t admit, they will keep quiet about how great u were. So it’s alright. It’s on them. Never on u.

Thats life. People are only bad about others to feel good about themselves. Insecurity on their behalf.   Keep others down it keeps them up.  Leave these folk to their own devices, karma as a way of sorting such as this out. 

What about when you don’t actually do anything bad or wrong but a certain person or group of people dislike you anyway and spread unfair accusations about you? Never will I again be nice to or respect people who have hurt me or anybody else in this manner.😕

No one should justify their bad behavior because of the good moments. It wont ever overlap the reality of how everything came to be. People make mistakes, sure. Though, good times can't mask a bad person. Being taken for granted when all you did was "good" is a whole other story.

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