Hard To Find The Real Love Of Your Life

It's easy to find a boyfriend or girlfriend but so hard to find the love of your life.

It's harder to find someone who loves you the same way at the same time.

Sometimes I've experienced this too , maybe not old but there can turn out to be love right under your nose that u never expect in a hundred years o ly u have been thinking of your loss n that noone could ever match that , u can be taken by surprise so don't give up I say , hope is what keeps us young and on our best foot forward.

And when you find the right one, don’t let them go. Make sure that you are both happy with each other.

It's hard cause you shouldn't be searching..work on yourselve to love yourself and when you're ready the univers will make you meet without searching just beimg openned.

So hard especially when it's so easy with social media where they can just flirt with anyone instead of investing in the relationship.  That whole grass is greener. If people started taking care of their lawn they would realize it would be just as green or even greener.

No such thing, gone are the days people stay together for 50 plus years, it's too easy to give up on a relationship/marriage these days.

I have come to realise that no matter how much they tell you they love you it means nothing when their actions say otherwise.
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