Never Regret For Being A Good Person

Never regret being a good person to the wrong people. Your behavior says everything about you, and their behavior says enough about them.

Take the highroad, and don't let anyone else define who you are. You have to like who you see looking back at you in the mirror every day!

Just be grateful to have seen the True Color before it's too late. No good act is ever WASTED before the EYES of GOD.

I finally realized that no matter how much love you give to a person .... he will only think of himself first, you are only there when he has nothing else to do.

Don't surrender your self-respect for their lack of respect for others.

That's most certainly true.  Be kind to all people even if they're too ignorant and ungrateful people at least you know in your heart and soul that you gave it your best attempt.

Don't let other people's behavior make you act differently.  Stay true to you.
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