Do the right thing, even when no one is looking. It's called integrity.
Its called doing the right thing.

Wish everyone lived by this. Many take advantage of a trusting person. Some one is always looking... God has angels assigned to each of us. You are never alone.

A great TEST for SELF is to be totally HONEST and LISTEN and WATCH  what "YOU" say or do or even THINK about WHEN no one is around. GOOD and high scores for those who HAVE and OWN integrity and     very sad if   when the cat's away the MOUSE plays. There is nothing more CREDITABLE and WONDERFUL that  a person who keeps DOING the RIGHT things even if no one would know. ETHICS and INTEGRITY rolled into one. I call that CLASSY  also!

I try all the time to do the right thing.  Sometimes it back fires in my face but I do constantly try to do what is right.

Sometimes the best intentions aren’t enough. As someone once told me if I want fair go to the fairgrounds..sad when trust gets broken by the ones closest. Any addiction poisons relationships one way or another.

Someone is always watching 👀 Someone is always looking,...God has angels assigned to each of us. You are never alone. It's called doing the right thing. When you do good, good comes to you.

Integrity and respect are earned through your lifestyle and actions. You can’t buy it or force others to give it. The greatest generation knew this.
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