Never let anyone see your darkest moments

Shoutout to everyone making progress that no one recognized because you never let anyone see your darkest moments. You've been silently battling, winning & transforming yourself. Be proud of every little step you're making in the right direction. Keep going. You got this.

The steps that I have made so far have not only taught me many lessons, but they also make me feel WONDERFUL about where I am today!!

The steps I've taken,no matter how big or how small, they made me the strong woman I am today.

Strength to those who suffer in silence. They make people more comfortable. Privacy to you as you need it.  My grandmother suffered in silence. She was mostly a healthy woman but I know we could. Have helped her.
That is not how I felt for me. I shared my story and people grew from it. No judging, just unfollow those who upset you.

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