I suffer from ADCD, Multitasking

I suffer from ADCD. Attention Deficit Cleaning Disorder. It's where you start to clean one thing, but get distracted by other things that need to be cleaned, which causes you to bounce around to different jobs, only to end up doing a lot of work with nothing to show for it.

I feel better now.  That is exactly how I clean and after hours of working, I have an unfinished project in ever room.

An old friend  once said, she only cleans one room at a time., doesn't jump around. If you clean one room   top to bottom, each day., your home will be perfect., Idk.!😄

I used to do this but now unfortunately instead of bouncing from chore to chore, i bounce from half a chore to couch.

I keep telling myself every night, tomorrow I'm going to get something accomplished. Then in morning when my feet hit the floor i think i must have had a nightmare.

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