Mother is first and forever friend

Life never the same!  A piece of my heart broke and does not mend!  I have my forever guardian angel watching over me and my family, love you and miss you so much!!!

If you’ve been blessed to have had a mother with these qualities feel very blessed to have had such a great relationship and memories. Not every mother is like this. It also hurts when she’s alive but walked away from you and your children. Just not interested.

I am old now but I still miss my Mother. Still wish I could share things with her. I loved her with all my heart and she returned that love to me.

💕 Love and miss you mom.  Forever in all our hearts & memories.  Wish you here to hug and help us all.   Pray for us and send us a sign of  your presence.

I miss my mom so much and there are really times when I need to talk to her about things and I will say I’ve got to call my mother and it takes me a few seconds to realize she’s not here but her presence is all around me so I talk to her outloud, and in some way or another she helps me. I love and miss you mom everyday 💕