Most of Misunderstandings

Most of my misunderstandings are because of my tone of voice. People think I'm angry even if I am just explaining my point.

Solution : change your tone of voice. You're welcome. No charge 😊

What I call passion, others call obsession. Some say opinionated, I say well versed. Tone, well been told I'm abrasive. I call it straight forward. Tried to soften or just be quiet.... it's just not me😁

You are the common denominator. YOU need to make the change. Simple.

That's me for sure, can't help the way I am. Whether a person is soft spoken or boisterous At times it needs to be done. Know people far worse then I am but oh yea they are soft spoken.

I get the same about when I give a quick funny quip in response to what I think is a humourous moment.  Some people dont have a sense of humour!!!!