Panic attacks, worst thing ever to experience

You can't eat an elephant in one bite, u have to take one bite at a time, I tell myself this and it usually works. Stay strong!

I've had a panic attack thought I had to die. The scariest moment of my life. Terrible when your not in control of  yourself for no reason.

If you keep telling yourself you can't do it you won't do it but if you can tell yourself you can do it you will do it just like the little red choo choo train I can I can I will I will.

You have to go through these attacks to know exactly how much they take out of you...They come on in a split second and who knows how long it will last..I can be sitting, not stressed at the moment and boom..Sometimes with very bad attacks I don't know if I'm having a heart attack..

Some days are easier than others .. If I could just turn my mind on “off” I would do so much better .. Keep on keeping on though! 🌟❣️🌟

I have done it today or on a daily basis. With the general folks so fixated with the wrong perceptions of me, I get panic whenever I’m out there knowing that they will definitely judge me the wrong way and they have been spreading rumors of me being staring at people at all time and painted the negative pictures of me being racist to certain group of people. The whole story just so distorted and I can never explain myself. I do experience hard time now in the area where I’m staying because everyone is determined that I have staring issue with problems. I never experienced issue like this before as I always have been in a medium size or smaller city where people usually are nice and friendly until recently I moved to a super big metropolitan city, immediately I’m facing issue people labeling me staring at them.

I don't think people realize how much strength it takes to pull your own self out of anxiety attack or a panic attack. So if you've done that today or any day, I'm proud of you.

That's truth. Last year and this year were the years that I most suffered with anxiety attacks. I hadn't strength to get up of bed and go to work. It's like I was in another world, an world which I wasn't part of that. And every second passed seamed like were killing me, I couldn't stop thinking. I was locked in my mind being controlled by thoughts of the past and future. So this post impacted me a lot because I thought I was so weak because I have lost many opportunities because my problem. Now I changed my mind. I became more strong.

It took me several years to be able to somewhat control panic attacks. After countless sleepless nights, tears, and several ER visits, thankfully I was able to "talk" myself through them. Now I am relieved to say I don't have them very often.

Omg!! I've been through it.. feels like hell... I almost kill myself... feel so down and hopeless... thanks to my husband and family for taking care of me.. I feel loved😍😍
God is good..

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