Life is a journey not competition

Call me crazy, but I love to see other people happy and succeeding! Life is a journey, not a

This is My biggest problem I think. I Love, I like to see other People much much happier than myself. I dont know if its because of my way of seeing, feeling and embrace things in life. There must something more in life! Something deeper! Something more ANTI-EGO PREGO. Than just fullfill your own EGO, to Travel, to do things just for your self!!! I think life is about My favorite Qoute 🙏. "The meaning of life is to find your gift, and the purpose of life is to give it away"❤

That’s so true.  But people don’t think the same.  As said. Life’s too short and goes so fast , that be happy make others happy if you can. Live and let live. ðŸĪŠðŸ’—😍

I am so glad that I finally matured, sometime ago, to the point where I could be happy for people who had much more than I! I used to feel jealous, because no matter how hard my husband and I worked, we always ended up being the Have Nots, LOL! But we had other things. We had deep love, devotion, and faithfulness to one another. While some of the people I was jealous of being able to have a nicer house, newer car, "better luck" with everything, did not have faithfulness in their marriage, and I found that out later.

Very true indeed, it takes strength, compassion, graciousness and generosity to be happy for other people, and not to be jealous of them!
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