Lets hear it for all the girls

Lets hear it for all the girls that grew up running around barefoot jumping in mud Puddles & not afraid to act like one of the boys.

I still do I'll climb any mountain jump in any water puddle dance in the rain.

It was great and lots of fun. kids these days don't know what fun is out doors cause there to stuck on video games and there phone.

I still like going barefoot in the summer. Used to love climbing trees. Love to go barefoot and don't mind getting dirty! That is the way we all ways did it and had a lot of fun too. And I didn't grow up and become a boy. I'm still a girl and I'm proud of it.

Kids now days do not know real fun. is . Also chores. I had to bring  in wood in the winter time or freeze & im a girl. Did not have a brother. I was the oldest.

I loved it that much that i still do it to this day, jumping in puddles and mud that why i am a tomboy.
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