It is what you have inside will shine through

Beautiful has nothing to do with looks. It has everything to do with how you are as a person and how you make others feel about themselves.

You can fool people how you are on the outside but God sees your insides. The beauty within always shines through.

Beauty comes from the inside not on the outside, your looks means nothing so hope that you have God on the inside.

Beauty is skindeep real beauty comes from within and if u rise above the judgement u may make a difference just by being kind!

There is nothing wrong with being beautiful there was nothing wrong with being pretty there was nothing wrong with being a little less pretty there was nothing wrong with being a little homely. It all has to do with one’s heart and soul and that’s with the beauty comes in I have known very many beautiful people who are ugly on the inside and I’ve known so many unattractive people (in societies standards)Who are so much more beautiful. Bottom line if you treat people kindly able to see the beauty within you if you treat them not like you want them to treat you

I have had the displeasure to know a couple of "beautiful" women on the outside, but ugly to the core inside.

Have to agree, but a lot of sad people don’t think so. It is something we learn as we age, grow and lappreciate what really is important in life.😊