Boundaries is sometimes necessary to have a Peaceful Life

Be cautious with boundaries, sometimes that forces you to stay in a box.  That box can get old, and those boundaries could prevent an opportunity for happiness and success.  Most happy and productive people have had to think outside the box at one time or another.  Just because you’ve been hurt doesn’t mean you have to live in a box.  It means you need to see what truly makes you happy and be prepared to venture out side your boundaries to find it.

It works unless you have someone who doesn’t respect your boundaries but expects you to respect theirs.

Sometimes... it’s a crazy control freak setting the boundary’s. Just sayin. Life isn’t a cookie cutter plan!

Try that on an Oppositional Defiant child with Aspergers. It's not always a cut & dry situation. Sometimes negotiation needs to come into play.

Boundaries and limitations keep us from unhealthy company. So important for mental health. I've learned that there is an investigative piece that needs to come along side the boundary.  If the behavior is new it is often in response to something.  Set the boundary, and find out what that something is.

And teach your previous children and teenagers need keep boundary from social media and need out to include sports , Cubs , church , homeschool and family actives are very important to protect your children and teenagers

When their needs always come before yours, they always loved themselves, never you.
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