Have a beautiful heart rather than a beautiful appearance

I don't care how attractive you think you look. If you've an ugly heart, you are ugly.

Looks fade but a kind heart is forever ❤

Not everyone seems to be able to be kind. Kindness is not difficult. An has an amazing ripple effect. I don't know how to be any other way. Wouldn't want to.

Hard hearts. Can't see the ugliness and themselves. Can't be right and wrong at the same time.

Most people have good hearts. I believe people with differing opinions get labeled ugly hearts. I think if we took the time to communicate, we would find them not so different.

Respectfully, I say that this is a topic that should be handled delicately. A leopard may not be able to change it's spots but a hidden dragon may be uncovered.

I am both laughing and saddened because I know some of the most beautiful ladies and it 's true. Being gorgeous comes with a price , If only they could change.

A true beautiful is what with inside of heart and it will reflect to the face to make it shine and called " Beautiful " 
Because all Gods created is beautiful but the question is how we make it more shine and become more BEAUTIFUL.

It's better to have a beautiful heart because it shines through and that will make you beautiful. Beautiful face fades away as time goes by but a beautiful heart will always remain beautiful no matter what.

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