grammy, I love you so much

Hearing your grandchild say "I LOVE YOU" is like winning the lottery.

My granddaughter the other day said, Grandma you are my best friend forever.  I told her she is also mine, then my other granddaughter came around the corner and said the same.  I told them we can have many best friends and all of my grandchildren are my best friends.  They love me unconditionally and are true from their hearts.

I know it's the best feeling in the world to hear your grandkids say I love you.

It makes my day when my grandson tells me he loves so much, I say I love you to the moon and but he always goes one better he loves me much more than that. 💕 

The greatest and most wonderful feeling is hearing your grandchildren say I love you, your heart melts and nothing else matters. I love my grandchildren with all my heart.

I often hear this from both my grandchildren and it makes me love them even more. Time with them is so precious and they are so full of life.
It is so uplifting when your grandchild comes running towards you yelling "grammy, grammy, I love you so much".💕

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