For all my wonderful and beautiful grandkids

To my grandchildren: I may not see you everyday or talk to you everyday but I think of you and love you every day. I love my grandchilden with all my heart.

I miss being around mine so much!   I love them dearly ❤❤ I love my grand children and great grandchildren so much , I Pray everything will be wonderful in their future.

I too think of my grandkids all the time and pray for them every day they are my heart and soul.

I wish I could see all my grandkids I miss them so much and love them with all my heart when family falls out it’s always the kids that suffer.

Love all my grandchildren and wish I could see them more often but everyone have there own life. Remember that I always lift them up in my prayers. 

For all my wonderful and beautiful grandkids I love you very much! Wishing you all the very best with all God's Blessings today and everyday.

I live and love for my grandchildren and great grandbabies they make my world they are all God sent.

Love all my grandbabies more than they will ever know wish I could see you all more often. There's not a single goes by that I think about you kids. Grandma misses you and love all of you with all my heart.