Common Sense Doesn't Come With A Degree

Remember: Just because you went to college doesn't make you smarter than anyone else, Common sense doesn't come with a degree.

Much better if you come with a degree than having none at all. Through education, you'll have more opportunities, brighter future...Possibly, but it is also true that it depends on how you chose to use it!

I didn't go to college for 'common sense', I went for a degree that would lead to a job and a decent life, but that's another story.

However, if you use your common sense to help obtain a college degree it does increase your opportunities.

I believe you should never stop learning; however, some of the most stupid people I have ever met have a college degree and some of the most brilliant people do not have a degree.

I almost always find that people who say this to me, some how feel inferior for not having gotten a college degree.  I do not feel that way about them, but they feel the need to bring me down because I chose to get an education.  There are many different types of intelligence in the world.  One is not better than the other and I don't see the point of trying to make people feel "less" for what path they chose in life. If my education some how makes you feel bad about yourself, you need to focus on yourself rather than trying to bring me down.