A pessimist, It's more fun to be an optimist

Absolutely!  I'm learning it day by day and it's wonderful. Have to believe in yourself I finally have found myself. The love for everyone else had always been there. Love you all. In heaven and here on Earth. Merry Christmas God bless. Thanks for the memories. 🎅🤶☃️👼♥️
Thats for sure
Worry is the thing that damages you more than anything else.
Worry controls nothing
Worry heals no scars, fears,or hunger
What will be, will be regardless of worry

That is oh so true. I try and pass on this truth to family and friends, especially ones with a young family. Even though they may hear me they don’t necessarily see the importance of it or know how to change, they will when they get older. Enjoy your life now, be WITH your children now because before you can blink they are all grown up.

This is so right, I have done this all my life and am trying to break the habit. Life is short, enjoy what life you have. There is good and bad in everything, you just have to make the best of what you have.
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