Take care of yourself, a learning experience

Take care of yourself.
Go for a walk, eat your favorite
food, get a haircut, cry if you
need to, read a book, take a
vacation, have a a drink. Do what
you need to do. Take care of
yourself, because at the end of
the day, you're all you've got.
Take care of yourself.

True. I have been worrying about others, listening to their problems and help people as I can but, I noticed they just ignore you afterwards. So I realised it’s time to look after myself, avoid stress and enjoy life, be with people who loves you, avoid those who are only there because they need you...

It's ok to help others as long as you don't forget yourself. Also know when to say no and mean it. People will use you till no end. Take care of you!

YES PEOPLE BECAUSE LIFE IS JUST TOO SHORT..Love Laugh Live and trust, but only give it to them who respect you and give it back..👀😎

Thank you for the memories of my life. That is what I have to live with these days. But I am not worried because God is helping me guiding me for the rest of my life. God is good after all.

The only person who cares if you take care of yourself, is YOU! In the end you are the only one who can control what you do with yourself. Do things that make you happy, healthy and wise. 🙂

Yes..it's a learning experience as I've always been a giver...I still am, but I'm learning I'm important too!

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