Avoid stress be Happy

Psychologist say, once you learn how to be happy you won’t tolerate being around people who make you feel anything less.

I am an evidence of this fact. People thought me how to enjoy my company alone and i shut them out of my life.

So True Sometimes we have to  detach ourself from negative people this from people that brings down it can be relatives  just in general I want to be around happy people that bring the best within myself  because I like to express Kindness all around myself An my loved ones ❤️🙏

True! Stay away with people who brings out "Stress" in you not the "Best" in you.

Yes I had a near death experience and can't stand being around negative unhappy people. I call them deadwood I removed all of my deadwood and feel heaps better without them in my life.

You know I'm glad for people that have never been overwhelmed and sadness are anxiety must be nice never to have been through those things and can sit there and say that to put the rest of us down who seem to walk in adversity most of the time don't judge me until you live What I'm Living with.
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