Lying destroys everything trust, love, faith

Nothing loses my interest faster than someone lying to me.
Lying destroys everything.. trust, love, faith .. respect.. all of it ....rarely.. can you ever retrust.
Especially when you know they are they know you know they are and continue to keep it up instead of talk problem out!
Believe it or not, I am truly a very sincere person, so don’t  go judging someone so quickly, especially when you don’t even really know them well enough. It takes many years to get to really know someone. Amen ?! Peace be with your spirit!
Also, Sometimes I don’t think that they’re actually lying to you , they really are just expressing their feelings, they’re thoughts out loud. You have to be true to yourself! Keep it real!
I find it extremely difficult to trust someone after they have lied to me. Extremely difficult. Your entire world crashes to the ground when you find out about a huge lie. I’m not always the right person, my perspective might be different than someone else’s, but I’m always an honest one. I don’t, and cannot, blatantly lie. It’s a horrible awful thing.
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