I love to walk the beach, Best therapy in the world

Nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach.

The beach meeting sky meeting the ocean..the waves soothing the soul and once in a while the cry of a seagull..did I mention all the signs and shapes of the shells..yes I love the mountains ..but the beach brings 😴me peace..even when I don't realize I need it!

I love to walk the beach.  Best therapy in the world😊

I walk on the beach in all weather....You just have too dress for it..Actually winter is better nice peaceful relaxing 🌴

I’ve walked interior US as well. However, your heart beat slows to the ocean u are walking. Really relaxing.
For some maybe ! For others a walk along babbling brook or a quiet hike on a high mountain trail is what works. It's all about what lets you relax !

I really enjoy walking on the beach collecting shells,  the Ocean water smells crisp fishy  so breath taking and beautiful the Crashing Waves    I love Monterey alot of Great Memories I have there. 
Closing my eyes, imagining I’m walking on the beach, listening to the sounds of waves crashing on the Rocks, what a wonderful feeling