Revenge vs. Karma

"Don't waste your time on revenge. Those who hurt you and brought you down will eventually face their own karma even though it may take some time."

Amen to that and eventually it will happen it could be months or years down the road but it will happen then they will know exactly what you went through!

Our success and happiness is our revenge. Yes, I truly believe that Karma will also strike those that have done us wrong. Take care of what makes you better forget others problems.

Dont waste your time on revenge. Just leave them all into God's hand. Sit back, relex & wait God knows what to do. What goes around will surely comes around.

It's just a waste of time thinking of people who say bad things about you. I've learn to lift everything to God and count my blessings.

Revenge & hatred are bad just believe in the power of God for He alone knows what to do.

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