Everyone Notices your Mistakes

Remember one notices your tears, sadness, pains, but they all notice your mistakes.

It is bad enough to deal with these terrible diseases. Living every day in pain and fatigue,and no one gives a crap. We didn't want this life, but we have to deal with it the best we can unfortunately. It just hurts when you don't feel appreciated. People don't realize what it takes sometimes just to do simple things. It does help to have other people to talk to on here that is going through the same thing. We just got to keep fighting because we are warriors.

Well anger is a powerful source, if it is not getting controlled, bad consequences will happen. So control your anger, the one's who controls their emotions always wins. 

I heard somewhere said no one know how long you are patience for this. They just care the only time that you can‘t stand anymore and then you are a bad person. This is why you have to find someone who really care about you. Someone know what you been through and they still stand beside you.

They act like anger is not a valid emotion. Then they say it's your "true colours" 

Sadly it happens too often. Thankful that I have learned not to rely on the approval of others to lead a contented and full
life. The tears, sadness and pain can be relieved and even helpful in growth, understanding and empathy. My darkest moments were always followed by the light of hope and faith. Trust God and yourself and you will have peace. 

Commonly people are negative minded that they always see your mistakes but silent to appreciate when you are right!

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