Everyone Notices your Mistakes

No one knows my pain no one notices sadness or anything but they always notice my mistakes.
It is bad enough to deal with these terrible diseases. Living every day in pain and fatigue,and no one gives a crap. We didn't want this life,but we have to deal with it the best we can unfortunately. It just hurts when you don't feel appreciated. People don't realize what it takes sometimes just to do simple things. It does help to have other people to talk to on here that is going through the same thing. We just got to keep fighting because we are warriors.

Its so true the more u do for them the less they care u give almost all tour life to them and u get called everything but a person that because they are selfies and think they know it all but if they get sick it's always u that takes care of them I don't think that is any life to live I stay in pain all the time but I keep going I want give up but they get a pain and they quit and sit down they never have cared how I feel or how I hurt so it's time to stop and think of my self now let them take care of there self

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