The Sad Truth

The sad truth is so many people are in love and not together & so many people are together and not in love.

Truth is always sad and bitter, all can't gulp it,only few can stand like a rock in front of this bitter and sad thing....

People can't be together if they are not in love because it is very difficult to tolerate one another without love.yes,the other part is true, there are many who are in love but not together for different reasons.

When someone hurts you deeply and thinking your love has the power to change him is not love what he needs more is education to respect you as equal value and worthy of love that don't hurt.

My person and I are in love but can’t be together, that is so sad, but we don’t lost our hope to be together one day.

This is so true! I honestly think miscommunication, not enough personal communication (i.e. Cell phones etc.) FB and ego are to blame! People also give up and don't try hard enough! They let resentment and anger take over. You loved that person for a reason at one takes work, creativity and romance! You have to make your significant other the priority over everything else or your love will die...

Yes because when you are together with someone you eventually stop being in love and when you are not with someone you fall in love with him.

It's doesn't matter for everything being not in love unnecessary still happy enjoyed every minutes no one perfect.

These days no love just materials people want to love they threw for better or worse out the window. You said it it’s sad.
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