never apologize for being you

Always be yourself. Never try to hide who you are. The only shame is to have shame. Always stand up for what you believe in. Always question what other people tell you. Never regret the past, it’s a waste of time. There’s a reason for everything. Every mistake, every moment of weakness, every terrible thing that has happened to you. Grow from it. The only way you can ever get the respect of others is when you show them that you respect yourself and most importantly, do your thing and never apologize for being you.

Being who you are is part of growing into a better person!! Never apologise for being you, stay true to yourself and be original. Another one that so sounds like me with the struggle of my life which I hope someday will resolve itself soon.

Hard to do but we all must grow- people hurt you everyday but you hurt yourself by believing their hurtful words or actions. Learning each day and trying to stay true to believing in the good of others!

When your heart becomes broken from people you love, its hard to overcome..but Im trying.

Yes don't hide something from the person you want. Be true to yourself, show respect , be honest and loyal to that person is important to you. 
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