Storms come and go.

Storms come, but you must remember they also go. They end. They disperse and the sun comes back again to warm your body and fill your heart with light. Do not be fooled into thinking the storms will conquer you. They have always been meant to teach you something. The waves and currents are created so you can learn who you are, who you aren’t, and what you are capable of in the depths of life. You’ve been saying you want to swim, well the storm is your teacher. ~Dele Olanubi

This is Indeed a hard fact that storms are testing factors of our bravery and patience as well as self confidence in life!!!! But of course they are bound to go away!!! So never give up on storms it will not last sun shines after it strike be firm on your faith! What ever storm we are facing right now always remember that God will keep us safe.

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