I'm Pretty Sure

If you are already awesome to everyone in your world, then your world needs to get bigger. I'm pretty sure theres actually a relationship between how many people you help outside of your sphere and how awesome people inside your sphere think you are.

I don't know why we are here, but I'm pretty sure that it is not in order to enjoy ourselves.
- Ludwig Wittgenstein

I'm pretty sure I'm not at war with myself. -Sandy Adams

I’m pretty sure when we fall in love we don’t realise it. We just like that person and eventually we start defending them and get jealous if they talk to some one else. We always want to be with them because they make our lives worth living for a few hours a day. They take away our pain, make us mad, make us sad and embarrassed. But no matter what they make us feel, we keep coming back for more. That’s just how love is ... -Amee Williams

When my kids wanted something I used to say "you don't need it" instead of no.  By the time they figured out.

My kids knew that my no means NO. Even told to others "Don't ask my Mom again. When she says "no" she really means it!

My kids thought that until they realized the chances of me changing my mind were slim and they didn’t like the out come when I lost it. 

I just knew not to question my parents, today's kids have no respect! 

It is the parent's responsibility to be firm and not give in.  Children need sensible rules and expectations set for them.  It gives them the stability and security that they need.  Children deserve parents who love them enough to discipline them with good sense.
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