Im Sending you all a HUG this Christmas as it's the perfect Gift

Meaning of Hugs:- 
Happy feelings shared 
Universally warm & fuzzy 
Great TO give and to receive 
Sure to make anyone’s day 
I hope this "HUG" Makes ur day brighter. :) 

I don’t care what kind of hug you give me. I just want one from U more than you know..!

I wanna hug you tight, make you feel wanted, call you mine and hold you forever. Miss you, my sweetheart!

HERE IS A FREE HUG FOR YOU! Keep it going by passing this hug on to your friends.

No matter where you are I’ll always find my way to ? Hug you tight to show you my care. I love only you!This Hug is for you

This made my day and hugs right back to you and family too. Best gift ever. I love hugs. Here is one big hug from me! This hug is a lifetime gift and may it always help you when you need it.