Take So Much Quotes and Sayings

You can only take so much hurt in your heart until your heart drops at a breaking point and then that's when you really give up or let go.

This is so true, but as said, it, being that statement, is easier said than done. Time is a healer, which is true, but, truth be known, it's still really hard. It truly like a death. It is what it is, onward and upward they say.

Easier said than done when you have to live everyday with the thing that is driving you mad and know it's in other people's hands and you can't do anything about it, it turns you inside out.

I found that dealing with pain starts taking control of my thoughts through daily meditation. This brings true peace to the soul and begins the journey of self love and self discovery.

I am getting better on letting it go and moving on..God showed me true colors.