A good life

A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot, and realize how blessed you are for what you have.

Also a good life is when you have dreams and try to achieve them in the best way you can, because life is also a dream.

And even better if without the person, you'll be fine doing it on your own. 

All my blessings come from the Lord above. Thank you. And I have many blessings which I am thankful for.

I feel I have been blessed in this life with what I have been given. Sometimes we don't realise that until something happens,enjoy the moments love one another and above all have a sense of humor and you will have a good life. That's exactly how I see life now. Feeling truly contented, took a lot of ups and down, but I'm blessed!

A good life is when you are blessed with great parents that lived a long life. And are able to still laugh at the funny things they did.  Memories are priceless.

Always laugh whatever I have in my life. cause laugh washes away the bad things.

Life is a beautiful dream since I allowed myself to dream it.

I do have nothing only good person, friends sister around me that inspiring me to keep going to achieve my dream.

Life is isn't easy...full of challenges, pain, hardships, frustrations, a lot of negatives...but God let us to choose what we want, and life is too short for all of this negatives that we always encounter , we only live once, we just do what makes us happy, leave sorrows just enjoy life...with God...its perfect..