Light up a dream , Fall in love with life

Some people can just say one word and light up a dream, and make roses bloom; with just a smile in their eyes they invite us to travel to faraway places, on a magical journey. Some people, just by offering their hand shatter our solitude, set the table, serve homemade soup, and bring in flowers; just by holding a guitar they can create a friendly symphony. Some people, just by opening their mouth, can touch the far reaches of our soul, nourish the blossoms, invent dreams, make wine sing and make you fall in love with life.  ~ Hamlet Lima Quintana

I have always been happy by myself I love it but it's better when people are atound sometimes.

Because at the end of the day YOU are your own love.. No one will ever care enough for you to make such efforts for your happiness.

The people in our lives create the" sunshine" sometimes!!! The sun was shining brightly for me this morning before it ever rose.

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