Stop apologizing Quotes

Stop apologizing for the things you enjoy eating and wearing, how you prefer to spend your day &
for the things that make you happy.
[Writer: Unknown]
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If you don't stop apologizing, you're going to convince me you've done something wrong.
[Writer: Kate Morton]

A businessman is the only man who is forever apologizing for his occupation.
[Writer: Gilbert K. Chesterton]

stop apologizing when you keep on doing it over and over again.

I'm not apologizing to anybody for anything.
[Writer: Antonio Davis]

If you have done something wrong apologize. If someone has done you wrong forgive. Life is too short for hastening and too long for lingering.
[Writer: Unknown]

We aren't perfect, nobody is, but if you want to make amends, don't make excuses, make apologies.
[Writer: Unknown]