My Kids Are The Reason I Live

There are so many times when we need our children more than they need us. They have no clue what they truly do for our soul.

My kids feed my heart & The love we have for each other is immeasurable.  Grandkids are extra blessings 😊

Just hearing their voices + knowing they are ok bring a song to my heart.  Love you all sooo much.  My grandkids too. 

My children are the reason for living. My Grandkids, and my grant grandkid are the reason too. That's What Makes Our Day Sometime Just To Hear Their Voices. They are world to me & They are so precious to us.

This is true my children have helped me through many a dark moment without even knowing just that surprise kiss or hug and a I LOVE YOU MUM has reminded me what's so important in this world our precious Angels thank you Dear God for giving me wonderful children and grandchildren 🥰

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