Sometimes, You need to be a Parent

Some parents need to start being a parent instead of trying to be a friend. Some parents need to stop being scared of upsetting their children. They will get over it - Trust me!

Parents should discipline their kids with respect. They must know their limitation as a parent. In this situation we need a balance emotions in making moves. It's hard but if God's in your side things will come easily. Feel them that your were doing that for them...For preparing them not for any reason at all... If you really love your kids you will not allow them to be in danger in their whole life. DISCIPLINE comes first at home of course with their parents or relatives around. Some or more of them their vision and missions in life started or originated through showing them how to face the fact or the reality of life. Of course be fair with their feelings. I know little by little they will get through with it. Parents love your kids more than you love yourself.

Being a parent and being a friend means telling it straight but knowing when to keep the details to a minimum and only allowing a child to make decisions when they have the mental capacity to handle the consequences.

Always a parent, only sometimes a friend. They only have one time in their life for being parented. There is lots of time and chances for them to find friends.

I always told my children that I'm your Father/Dad not your friend. I am will be honest with you,  I will always stand with you, and I will never disown you.  Friends come and go but I will always be here with you. My children are all grown and we are friends now as it is their lives to run now. I think we prepared them well.

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