Prayer before Dinner, A Funny Story

At dinner a little boy was ordered to lead in Prayer πŸ™„

BOY: But I don't know how to pray 🀷🏼‍♂️

DAD: Just pray for your family members, Friends, Neighbor and the poor ☹️.

BOY: " Dear GOD" he started, thank you for our Visitors and their Children, who finished all my Biscuits and Ice cream 🍦, Bless them so they won't come again πŸ˜’. Forgive my NEIGHBOR'S son, who wrestled with my sister on the Bed πŸ˜”. This coming FESTIVAL, please send clothes to all those ladies on my Daddy's SAMSUNG PHONE πŸ“± πŸ˜“ and Provide shelter for the homeless Men who use Mom's room when Dad is at work😞😫

_ _ _ AMEN_ _ _

¤ Beautiful message for all ¤

“What do you want?”... and I just blank. I have everything I need and everything I’ve ever wanted. A family, a home, work, and food on the table. This isn’t to brag, but just to share that I sometimes feel like wanting more than what I already have makes me greedy, especially since I’ve been so blessed. 

But in my heart, I felt God calling and asking... “what is it that you want?” 

Even if you have everything, there's always that sometimes when you feel like something's missing. But what you don't is that, that missing part is for God. You will only feel contentment if you have God in your life. We should all be thankful for what we have because not all people  have what you have. 

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