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Life is good if you have a best friend and it is great if your best friend becomes your life partner.

Marrying your best friend could help you live happily ever after. As per studies women benefit more from being married to their best friend than men do. 

Your best friend is perfect for marriage.  Because, he knows everything about you.  There is no one better than you to understand.  To whom you have presented all your good and bad things.

Your friend knows everything about you.  What do you do when you're upset?  What to do if you want to laugh?  What do you like to eat Everything.

If a person is aware of all aspects of your good and bad.  However, the worldly life with that person will be your happiness.  Because, he will know when you need?  When you get it before bringing thoughts or needs in your mind, then there will be nothing but love among you.

Year after year he shares everything with his best friend. Then it is better to marry the best friend than to marry someone else.  At least the time you spent behind him didn't go unnoticed!

You may or may not be adjusted by getting married somewhere else in a hurry.  But your best friend.  You have to adjust everything with it from the beginning.  So if you get married, do it to your best friend.  There is no chance of being cheated.

Psychology facts about Marrying your best friend

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