Good manners cost nothing, Raised Properly Quotation

Good manners doesn't mean one is an old school, thanks to my parents, we were raised and nurtured by the words of God, we were taught good manners, how to respect elderly people and to behave well in the society. I was raised to respect my elders and I raised my kids that way too good manners cost nothing 👍

Yes I am old school. I've good manners, I show others respect & I will always help those who need me. It is not because I am old fashioned, It is because I was raised properly.



 Today's parents are too busy on their phones to teach their children basic manners let alone how to respect others. I am very proud of how my parents raised me which taught me to raise my children the with the same manners. I'm forever grateful for being raised old school and for my mother who loved me and all of her children so much that she taught right from wrong and respect.

Good manners cost nothing, we were poor but rich in being loved and taught respect for all. Very proud to be old school,as are my children who were also brought up that way.

I was raised by a family that were loving and taught me to respect and be polite to others for that I have been forever thankful.

My parent's always had us say thank you, yes sir or ma'am and you are welcome. If more parents today would teach their children this it would be a happier world.

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