Outer Beauty Dying, Inner Beauty Endures

Some beautiful people looks good outside but rotten inside.

Outward beauty fades, but inner beauty of a lovely and gentle spirit endures❣ It's our personality and character that count. Plus it's ones walk with God that gives that outward glow.

A person becomes 10 times more attractive not by their looks but their acts of kindness, love, respect, honesty, and loyalty they show .

It's rare now...sometimes even beauty face is not beauty inside for me it depends to a person who have fear in our God. There's nothing more beautiful than the Holy Spirit who lives inside of us.

Mostly the poor and ordinary people are kind hearted.

If you have that kind of beauty in your soul today you must protect it at all cost!  Most people want you broken to prove you love them. 

I always look at the inside of a person that the outside. I DON'T LOOK ON HOW THEY LOOK.OUR HOW THEY DRESS.AND THE CAR THEY HAVE NOT EVEN THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN.

Be very careful as what you may attract by showing these qualities will use them against you to better themselves!!

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