Live Life With No Regrets

Have no regrets about my family. The ones I care about I talk too. If not well your not worthy of my time. It is sad but some people you just don't need in your life.

It's very sad when family members stop speaking to each other. The day will come when you will regret it. That day is called "the funeral"

It really is dependent on the situation, just like so many other things.  In some situations, it is best not to talk to certain people for a whole multitude of reasons.  The main thing is if you have love, care, and good wishes for them in your heart you can send that to them anytime.

It is sad, but life goes on. You can't leave people continue to abuse your good heart. They take advantage of your kindness when they are in need, but when you need no one is willing to do anything for you. If anything they turn their backs on you and act like you never did anything to help them. You do a million good and once you don't they want to treat you like you owe them something 😠.

Done my best to my family, I have no regrets, is all up to them what they want to do, I need peaceful of mind no more blaming. Thanks 🙏❤️

No one knows why family members stop speaking and none of anyones business, think about the pain that must have been involved to stop blood relatives from talking hhhmm maybe just maybe it was pretty bad.. lets just support each other and be there for the ones who made that choice, no more judgement 🤗

I hate no one, but don't act better than others. I will stay away from those who act like that, it's toxic to a good giving heart 😢. It may hurt, but you will grow out of it! Enjoy life as you wish and don't look back 😊.

It is very sad! Especially when they know they have torn up family! Some just don’t care! I have apologized for no reason just to try and make peace! But the other family members have never apologized! I’m done! I don’t need the drama! 

Why some family members hold grudges or can't forgive each other... I can not understand it. I was taught to always forgive others. You never know what someone is going through that makes them do or say things they would normally not. A family should love each other and be there for each other.. not turn their backs on each other. Blood related or not.

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